Step into the mind of a man who has lost everything. A man seeking a new purpose and meaning in his life.

A man who's driven by the urge to rediscover compassion and loyalty.

... Only to find himself center-stage of devastating collapse.

Four months after losing his girlfriend and daughter in a hit-and-run, Jack sought solitude in a cabin in Ontario, Canada.

He's tracked down by a mysterious woman, only known as Skarlett, who reaches out with an offer to re-purpose his life. And to learn who took everything away from him.


I make this game in my sparetime, next to working a full-time job. So it's difficult to make promises, but I hope to release the game in the summer of 2016.

Can I help?

Yes! I'm glad you asked. Please read more about it!

How will I know when it releases?

Oh, all those good questions! I'm down-right flattered at this point! You can follow the Facebook page :-)


Dynamic story that adapts intelligently to your choices and actions

Complex dialog tress where you interact and influence the characters and the plot

Cutscenes with professional voice-overs

Data theft game mechanic with authentic Linux and MySQL commands

Original soundtrack composed by yours truly

Not stained by the industry! The game is free. That's it. No paid DLCs, no paid skins, no paid trading cards, no goddamn B.S.! You get the full game free of charge. Period.