Join the Blacken Cast


I'm in the peculiar situation of needing around 20 faces.

Do you have professional photos and a characteristic face, and want it in a game? Then I need to hear from you.

I'm making this game in my sparetime and pay every expense myself, so I'll only be offering a smaller, symbolic payment for the lead and major roles. Everyone will be credited, though.

The list below contains the characters and a quick visual profile. The placeholder images are not law, they're simply how I imagine that character. You can apply for a character, even though you look nothing like the placeholder, as long as you somewhat meet the profile.

Read more about how to apply below the list.

Jack (Lead)
Male, Mid-30'ies
Best described as: A broken, yet optimistic man

Shailene (Lead)
Female, 28
Best described as: Lone wolf, very independent

Linda (Major)
Female, 31, Caucasian
Best described as: Naïve, kind

Donovan (Major)
Male, 54, Caucasian
Best described as: War veteran, mentor, leader

Kaiden (Major)
Male, 30, Middle-Eastern
Best described as: Humourous, warm, nerdy

Abigail (*)
Female, 15, (Any race)
Best described as: Mature of her age

Male, (Any age and race)
Best described as: A man who mixes drinks and talks to people

Any breed
Best described as: Dog.

20'ies, any race

Male, 59
Best described as: Worried father

Female, 20'ies
Best described as: Afraid, nervous

Female, 20/30'ies
Best described as: Worried mother (baby can be featured in picture)

Female, 30'ies

Female, 70+, Slavic
Best described as: Rich life story

Rebecca (*)
Female, 20/30'ies

Male, 20/30'ies

Male, 40'ies
Best described as: Business man

Male, 20/30'ies

How to apply

Send your application and/or questions to [email protected] with a couple of photos of you. If you're picked for a role we'll enter a dialog to ensure the visual and streamlined style of the photo.

If you provide a lead or major role you're eligible for a payment. We'll discuss that before-hand, and once I have the final photo, you'll receive payment via PayPal or similar solution.

Lead and major roles may be offered additional work for promotional material. This is, of course, paid for additionally.

Important! The reason I chose not to use stock photo, was that I didn't want to associate people with negative stories or character traits, without their understanding. Therefore, characters marked with an asterix (*) do have back stories or personalities that have negative or bad associations. Please keep that in mind, if you want that tied to your name or not.